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The Hidden Dangers of Buried Electrical Conduits and How GPR Can Help Detect Them Before You Dig

Planning A Dig Commercial and residential properties are excavated all the time — if you haven’t had work done to your own property, you’ve seen construction crews going at it. On the surface, digs might seem simple; you probably conjure

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What’s the Difference Between Electromagnetic and Ferromagnetic Detection?

When you bring out a GPR service to look for undocumented tanks, buried metals, or other not-so-fun surprises buried in your backyard, you want to make sure you are using the right tools for the job. However, each technique has

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Air Vacuum and Hydro-Vacuum Excavation: A Comparison

Vacuum excavation allows you to expose buried utilities without causing any damage resulting from heavy machinery or conventional hand tools. However, there are options for the type of power used for the vacuum that directly impacts the job at hand.

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Why Is Tank Sweeping Important When Buying a Home?

oil tank

When buying a new home, everyone wants to be sure to conduct their due diligence. Home inspections are key for buyers to identify issues that may not be obvious to the naked eye, such as a leaky roof when it’s

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