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Safely Access Underground Fixtures with Vacuum Excavation

Underground utilities and fixtures are at risk of getting damaged by traditional digging methods, and more often than not, they do. Luckily, many industries can not only preserve underground materials, but work efficiently and safely with Vacuum Excavation. At GPR

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Passive vs. Active Utility Locating: What’s The Difference?

When you’re beginning a new project, utility location should be at the top of your list of tasks to make sure that everything goes smoothly, without jeopardizing the structure of your existing utility grid. But what if you’re not sure

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Use GPR Scanning Prior to Concrete Cutting

Evaluating the structural integrity of concrete is necessary before beginning any construction project. It’s imperative that you detect embedded objects beneath the concrete prior to drilling or digging up the area to avoid hazardous and costly damage. As important as

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GPR — How it Works & Why You Need it

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) being used by a technician in Long Island, NY

What is GPR? GPR, or ground penetrating radar, is innovative technology that emits electromagnetic waves into the ground to locate underground storage tanks, water and sewer lines, concrete structures, septic tanks, and unmarked gravesites — to name a few. 

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