Can You Dig It? The Dangers of Breaking Ground Before Using a Private Utility Locator Service

As the leading provider of GPR surveys near Manhattan, NY, GPR One Call understands contractors are always looking for methods to streamline aspects of construction. But make no mistake — conducting excavation work without first locating private utilities that may lie under the surface is a dangerous, foolish gamble. Workers can easily be injured or even killed when buried utilities are hit, ultimately making locating them a safety concern above all else. Not only can passing on due diligence lead to bodily harm, but it can also damage the utility and any equipment being used.

Repairs can be expensive and time-consuming, often requiring the digging up of the entire length of pipe, cable or conduit, accompanied with hefty fines and hemorrhaging of a project’s precious schedule and resources. Damage can disrupt neighboring systems, which can result in issues ranging from prolonged internet outages to area flooding. Let’s take a look at a recent event that brought on a screeching halt to a sizable company’s end users.

London Calling

In December 2019, hundreds of Virgin Media customers in southwest London were affected by an internet blackout after a third party accidentally cut through a fiber-optic cable on a building site. Apparently, a large foundation drilling machine that engineers were handling on-site wrapped cables around itself, ripping them right out of the duct.

Customers took to social media, feeding a firestorm of criticism against Virgin Media; claiming that not only did they drop the ball on repairing service, but that miscommunication and broken promises have tainted their reputation as a company. A spokesman apologized for the “disruption” and any “inconvenience”. At GPR One Call, we think this image sums up our feelings about the importance of a reliable private utility locator:

GPR One Call—At Your Service!

Using a dependable private utility locator — like GPR One Call — is the best way to avoid hitting hidden utilities. With state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to locate utilities that a public utility locator wouldn’t. Let’s take a look:

Unlike some organizations that may try to cut corners or otherwise not pick up on buried materials and cause a catastrophe, GPR One Call always has your best interests in mind.

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