GPR — How it Works & Why You Need it

What is GPR?

GPR, or ground penetrating radar, is innovative technology that emits electromagnetic waves into the ground to locate underground storage tanks, water and sewer lines, concrete structures, septic tanks, and unmarked gravesites — to name a few. 

How it Works

Ground penetrating radar is of the most effective technologies used to detect subsurface objects. GPR uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves to detect buried utilities. These signals, or tiny pulses, are sent into the ground to measure reflected signals, which can help indicate the depth and location of a particular object, as shown in the infographic below:

The depth of the GPR penetration depends on the frequency used. Higher frequencies can detect smaller objects; however, the signal cannot penetrate too deep. While lower frequencies can penetrate deeper, they can only detect larger objects. 

Why You Need it

GPR technology is used for a wide range of purposes and is necessary for many industries. It is a critical piece of technology that locates subsurface utilities and pipes for construction. Our main clients include plumbers, contractors, electricians, and HVAC specialists. Before GPR was invented, engineers relied on excavation to identify subsurface objects. However, due to the many benefits of GPR technology, as shown below, industry professionals can work more efficiently.


It’s important to cut costs in areas that won’t affect your workflow. Unlike x-ray scanning, GPR technology is affordable and will save you money on expensive on alternative scanning. 


Don’t let x-ray scanning and excavation slow you down. With GPR technology, scans will be available in real-time, so your work won’t come to a halt. Knowing you’ll have complete results in as little as one hour will allow you to make necessary provisions so that you can stay on schedule and work efficiently. 

Can be used anywhere

The advanced technology behind GPR allows it to be used for any construction project. GPR technology can be used to detect almost any material. While it may have difficulty penetrating some metals and water, the instrument will still reflect signals off of those obstructions.   

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