How Can Ground-Penetrating Radar Save You Time and Money on Your Next Construction Job?

Every contractor has heard stories about jobsite disasters that occur because of undetected metal below the ground. If there are metal objects or power in your digging path, waiting until you dig to find them can often be too late and wreak havoc on your bottom line. Digging into underground power lines can cause serious problems for people in the surrounding area, damage your equipment, and potentially be dangerous for on-site workers. 

Ground Penetrating Radar is a technology that uses radar pulses to create an image of what’s below the concrete surface of your dig site. This lets you see any undetected metal objects or power lines that might be in your way before you start digging. Knowing where these potential hazards are before you start digging can save you and your team time and money on costly power line repair or replacement. There are several different reasons why GPR has replaced X-ray as the subsurface detection method of choice:

GPR Is Minimally Invasive 

As a non-destructive method, GPR is greatly preferred for locating subsurface metals like rebar, conduits, and post-tension cables. GPR is a quick, efficient, and highly accurate way to detect objects that may be lying beneath the surface of concrete and gauge their depth. Unlike its predecessor, the x-ray, GPR technology is not radioactive and workers can safely remain on the jobsite while it is in use. GPR is also much more affordable than X-ray technology, which makes it ideal for budget-conscious builders who can’t afford to waste any money. 

Using GPR Can Help You Avoid Disaster 

Digging into a pipe or powerline can cause major headaches for any construction project manager. In addition to setting your project back in terms of budget and deadline, a digging accident can leave you or your client on the hook for the cost of the damaged utility. A relatively quick and easy examination of the area with ground penetrating radar can reveal any previously undetected hazards and help you and your team avoid them. 

Simple jobs can become nightmares if you unknowingly dig into power or sanitary lines. Using GPR to detect and avoid these hazards can keep your job running smoothly and stay on deadline. To learn more about different types of ground penetrating radar and concrete slab scanning, reach out to the pros at GPR OneCall today!