Is GPR use regulated by the government or the FCC?

federal-communication-commission-logoThere are no regulations on the type of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) antenna or how a GPR is constructed. Any GPR can operate at any frequency provided its emission power levels are under the limits; the rules DO NOT explicitly outlaw any specific GPR antenna frequencies. The constraint for GPR devices is achieved by demonstrating emitted power for the device is below specified limits when tested in a defined manner normally by a certified testing body.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) governs GPR in the USA. GPR devices must be tested by an approved testing body, the results must be filed with and reviewed by the FCC, approval and unique identification issued by the FCC, and the product and manuals must display the unique device approval codes and FCC warnings.  In Canada, Industry Canada regulates GPR and the same processes as used by the FCC apply. In Europe, manufacturers must self-declare (and have technical documentation available if needed to prove) that devices comply to an ETSI standard and then issue compliance notifications as to which standards the device complies with. GPR devices that do not follow this process cannot be sold or used and the penalties for violation can be severe!

For GPR purchasers, the key is to select GPR systems that have demonstrated regulatory approval. Ask for product codes or letters of compliance! In Canada and the USA, all approved devices are listed on applicable government web sites

All equipment used at GPR One Call has been approved for use by the FCC.

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