Use GPR Scanning Prior to Concrete Cutting

Evaluating the structural integrity of concrete is necessary before beginning any construction project. It’s imperative that you detect embedded objects beneath the concrete prior to drilling or digging up the area to avoid hazardous and costly damage. As important as it is to accurately identify metals and electrical wiring, there are continuous reports of mishaps on a construction site due to unmarked rebar and other objects. 

GPR One Call is dedicated to providing a high level of service and the most accurate interpretation of data using high-tech GPR, or ground penetrating radar. Our GPR systems are the best high-quality electric line locators in NJ. They transmit radio waves deep within the concrete surface that bounce off of buried objects and are captured by the receiver. The GPR scanning equipment contains software that has the ability to quickly and accurately interpret radio waves. The infographic below will describe some of the key benefits of concrete scanning: 

GPR Limitations With Concrete Scanning

  • Materials such as clay soils and soils that are contaminated by salt minimize GPR depth capabilities. 
  • Heterogeneous conditions, such as rocky soils, can scatter the signal and limit performance.
  • Accurate interpretation requires high-tech GPR systems and expert human interpretation, so it’s important to hire the right company for the job — like GPR One Call.  

Concrete Scanning Is a Necessary Precaution 

There are a number of potentially hidden objects beneath the surface that can significantly affect the structural integrity of your job site. Failing to use GPR before cutting into concrete is not worth the potential harm it could cause, not only to you but to structures around your site. Cutting into concrete before scanning can put you at risk of penetrating objects like gas lines, cable lines, or telecommunication lines, each of which can significantly impact those nearby.

Reduce safety and financial costs for your construction project by deciding to hire GPR One Call to scan the concrete at your job site. Our professional cable line locators in Philadelphia, PA, will help locate potential underground hazards so that you can safely move forward with your plans. Call us today to find out how our services can save you a ton of time and money.