Why Is Tank Sweeping Important When Buying a Home?

When buying a new home, everyone wants to be sure to conduct their due diligence. Home inspections are key for buyers to identify issues that may not be obvious to the naked eye, such as a leaky roof when it’s dry or a faulty heater in the summer. Proper due diligence when buying a home can help you avoid dealing with costly repairs or renovations that you weren’t prepared for. There are many potential issues with houses that could deter buyers or change the parameters of the deal, but one of the problems that can have the biggest and most lasting impact on the occupants’ quality of life is the presence of a leaky underground oil tank.  

Sometimes, homeowners will get a new oil tank without properly disposing of the old one. This can be a very costly mistake, as an underground oil tank that leaks can have a serious impact on the environment and be costly to deal with. Oil tanks can leak for many reasons; such as age, corrosion, or incorrect installation, but a professional oil tank scan can prevent any disastrous leaks and the costs associated with them. Here’s why a tank sweeping is absolutely crucial when moving into a new home: 

It Prevents Damage to the Environment

If it leaks, a residential oil tank can cause serious issues for all the nearby water and soil. It can potentially leak onto your neighbor’s property or into the aquifer. In addition to the negative impact this has on water and soil quality, it can be enormously expensive to fully clean up, with more severe cases running into the area of seven figures (that you as the homeowner will be liable for). Cleanups are very complicated and there are strict rules from the American Petroleum Institute that must be followed throughout the process. Thankfully, early detection of the tank via a professional scan can help you identify and remove it before it starts leaking.   

It Can Preserve Your Health 

Part of the reasons that oil cleanup is treated so seriously is that home heating oil contains a carcinogen called benzene that is known to cause damage to your liver and kidneys after too much exposure. Even heating oil vapor is toxic and can cause kidney, liver, and respiratory problems for you and your family. An old underground oil tank is like a time bomb that could harm your health and compromise the air quality on your property if it’s not dealt with in a timely manner. 

It Can Help You Avoid Fire Hazards  

In addition to being toxic to breathe, home heating is highly flammable. This may seem obvious to most people, but heating oil vapor is so combustible that it can cause house fires if it’s present in large enough quantities. Undetected underground oil tanks can leak flammable vapors into your home without you even knowing, but a professional scan is a quick and affordable way to get ahead of it. 

There are many expensive and harmful problems associated with a leaking underground oil tank, but detecting them early with a professional scan can help you and your family avoid these issues and keep your property clean. Contact GPR One Call today to learn more about residential oil tank sweep inspections.