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Ground Penetrating Radar On Demand

GPR OneCall is an underground utility locating company that specializes in locating and marking both public and private utilities, ground penetrating radar, EMF tracing, borehole clearing, concrete scanning, void detection, CCTV video inspection, anomaly detection, and UST investigations, among a host of other potential services. We utilize the newest non-invasive subsurface technology and training to provide the safest and most accurate results.
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GPR System & Utility Locating Emergency Services

Utility Locating

Utility Locating

We use ground penetrating radar in addition to a host of other locating technologies to give you a detailed analysis of all underground utility lines and subsurface structures, no matter the complexity. Using a combination of GPR systems, electromagnetic radio frequency tracing equipment, passive frequency detection devices, and visual investigation methods, we deliver all of our GPR data on site with paint, flags, and also to you in the form of detailed reports and maps. Ensure you get all the right data you need by using GPR OneCall, GPR and all other available technologies and methods to locate and catalog underground utilities and structures with confidence.
Concrete Scanning

Concrete Scanning

A concrete scanner is a handheld GPR unit that is designed and specifically tuned for scanning concrete and is capable of locating the anomalies or structures inside concrete within a high degree of accuracy. Concrete scanning is an important part of the process when engineering, cutting or drilling concrete in order to avoid potential conduits, utilities or important reinforcing elements that are located inside. Concrete scanning is a noninvasive, nondestructive and effective process of gathering information on concrete structures. Concrete scanning can be performed on any flat, concrete surface including floors, ceilings and walls.

Video Pipe Inspections

Video Pipe Inspections

Sometimes the location of a pipe isn’t enough, and a visual inspection of the pipe is required to investigate for defects, blockages, or bellies. This can be achieved in an efficient and accurate manner with a CCTV video camera inspection by one of our experienced technicians. We have multiple video inspection tools to accommodate any pipe size or condition. Our CCTV video camera inspection service can also be paired with any of our other services to give you the most comprehensive information on all underground systems in the area.

Fault Locating

Fault Locating

When there are indications that an underground fault is causing disruptions or totally compromising your electrical system, a fault locate conducted by one of or experienced technicians with our fault locating equipment can locate the problem. When done correctly a fault locate will exactly pinpoint the location of a fault.

Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Sometimes the only way to locate an underground water leak or other underground pressurized system leak is through auditory detection. The sound of water or other liquid shooting out of a pressurized pipe faintly transmits through the ground and can be pinpointed using sonic amplification equipment and reflected signal. In order to properly conduct a sonic leak investigation, first the line needs to be located using our EM tracing techniques and GPR, only then can it be properly investigated with sonic leak detection. Additionally, a full utility locate should be performed around the located leak so any other potential utilities in the area are avoided and undamaged when excavating to repair the leak, this is all included in our leak detection service.
Oil Tank Detection

Oil Tank Detection

GPR Tank Sweep uses the newest non-invasive subsurface technology and training to provide the safest and most accurate methods for locating underground storage tanks and subsurface materials. The typical “tank sweep” is completed with a simple metal detector, which makes it difficult to pinpoint buried objects. The GPR Method uses an electromagnetic pulse to examine all subsurface features, including gpr signals with radar pulses to get the most data processing we can on any buried objects under your property. We use over $30,000 in specialized equipment and utilize 5 techniques including Ground Penetrating Radar to determine if a tank is present or not.

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What You Should Know

Sewer Overflows
Waterfall in Forest Oasis
In the U.S. there are over 800,000 miles of public sewers and 500,000 miles of private lateral sewers connecting private property to public sewer lines. Each of these is susceptible to blockages, line breaks, defects, lapses in maintenance, power failures, and more, causing an estimated 23,000 – 75,000 sanitary sewer overflows per year. Ground probing radar is critical to locating these potential hazards with electromagnetic energy.
Water Waves
There is roughly 1 million miles of potable water piping across the country. With many of these pipes having been installed in the early mid-20th century, it is no surprise that an estimated 240,000 and counting water mains break per year. Radar signal in GPR equipment can help locate subsurface anomalies before they become expensive repairs.
WATER breaks
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In Cost
According to the ASCE, the total infrastructure budget needed to repair and upgrade our wastewater system is estimated at $150 billion. So much of this cost can be saved by using a GPR Survey and GPR signal to detect subsurface materials during the building and repair process. Ground Penetrating radar, as well as many other supporting GPR systems, help you make educated decisions about a buried object before it becomes an expensive project.

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About GPR One Call

GPR OneCall began 15 years ago as a response to a lack of quality and accountability within the underground utility locating industry. Back then our founder, Troy Ennis Sr. noticed that in many instances 811 tickets were rushed and poorly marked and even when a private mark out was engaged; large private utility mark-out companies often employ young and inexperienced locators that result in erroneous private utility mark outs and utility damages. At the time, Ground Penetrating Radar also wasn’t taken as seriously and rarely utilized as it needed to be, and the results were sometimes devastating. As a response, Troy Sr. started our company, GPR OneCall. Here at GPR OneCall we pride ourselves on our expertise and the quality of our work. We combined all the industry’s best technology with the most experienced locators to provide an undeniably superior service. Troy Sr and Troy Jr still work in the field completing jobs for our clients and upholding our company standards of quality while continually learning about potential new methods and technologies to bring to our craft.
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Stephen Roy
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The service Doug and the GPR team provided was beyond expectations. I have a complicated drainage situation and needed to know what was under my lawn. Not only did Doug figure out what was there, he figured out that some pipes extend well beyond my property and into other properties. Soon after the service I was provided a report and map! Would recommend to anyone. Affordable too given the quality!
Philip Harris
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GPR One Call (Troy) came out to our construction site on very short notice, in terrible weather conditions and got the underground locating job done efficiently and accurately.

I highly recommend this company.
Wade C
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Doug did a fantastic job, found everything we had buried. Professional, knowledgeable, polite and quick. Company is really easy to deal with, highly recommended
Ralph Nash
Read More
Gpr One Call is a great company to deal with very professional, friendly & reliable they go above And beyond would highly recommend them.

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