Concrete Scanning Service

GPR One Call provides a professional concrete scanning service for your industrial, commercial, and residential needs.

Our experienced technicians collect and display real-time data using the newest and best ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment available. Concrete scanning with GPR allows our technician to find embedded electrical conduits, rebar, PVC pipes, metal pipes, and post tension cables. The results are marked with permanent marker, removable chalk, or on a paper overlay. Clients use concrete scanning when core drilling, cutting or remodeling for safety and to help avoid unnecessary damage and delays.

X Ray Concrete scanning service performed in Manhattan

Concrete Scanning applications

– Detection of steel reinforcements

Our team of trained technicians is able to locate rebar and post-tension cables within the concrete using GPR technology. Steel reinforcement locations are marked directly on the work surface (unless otherwise requested) to ensure safe and efficient drilling. This is a reliable and non-destructive method of assessing concrete and concrete structures’ integrity. The corrosion of steel reinforcements in concrete is a major source of structural damage, so detecting it early can reduce the number of repairs, replacements, and costs in the long run.

– Locating embedded electrical services

Accurate detection of electrical conduits is essential for preventing safety risks, power outages and costly damages. When undergoing any concrete cutting, coring, or drilling process, it is essential that you understand what lies beneath the surface. Striking any electrical conduits or equipment can be a costly mistake.

– Void detection

Voids are often undetectable from the surface, occuring over time due to pipe ruptures, erosion, or compaction over time. With our GPR technology and skilled technicians, GPR One Call can expose air gaps between the sub-grade, dirt and the concrete slab-on-grade. A variety of events can cause voids in concrete, such as freeze and thaw cycles, water main ruptures, as well as an unstable soil foundation or the natural settlement of the building.

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