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Underground Utility
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We locate EVERYTHING underground: From Sewer Lines to Steam and Everything in between!

Undiscovered buried utilities and other underground structures are dangerous and can cause time consuming financial impacts on a project, physically harm workers, damage equipment, and fail existing infrastructure if they are not properly located and mapped. For over 15 years GPR OneCall has been a tristate leader in locating ALL types of buried underground utilities and structures. Using an arsenal of the industry’s most advanced locating equipment along with state of the art techniques, training and experience; we locate underground utilities that others might overlook.

We specialize in detailing ALL underground utilities at a site, no matter the complexity, and delivering the information on site with paint, flags, and to you in the form of detailed reports and maps. 
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Utility Locating Experts

15+ Years


With over 15 years in business, our most important tool is experience! All our technicians are veteran locators for private utility locating and know how to use our equipment to its highest potential, in tandem with our own tried and true industry techniques nothing will be overlooked at your site.
Pipeline Inspection in an Industrial Facility
Expert Underground Utility Location with Mobile GPR Unit

We find EVERYTHING Utility Companies Leave Behind

Ground penetrating radar is one of our most important tools but in delivering the most thorough possible results we utilize numerous other subsurface technologies and locating techniques so that at every job site we get the most comprehensive results. From electromagnetic radio frequency induction tracing to ferromagnetic metal detection sweep 
and pipe camera investigations to concrete scans; we ensure you get the full picture of everything going on under your work area.

Everything You Need - Delivered

Pictures, maps, surveys, and reports: our utility locating services provide everything you need to know exactly what’s taking place underground at a property or construction site before the job begins. We support all of our findings with detailed deliverables so you can make the right choices for your project.
Expert Review of Subsurface Mapping for Utility Location
Ground Penetrating Radar Use in Commercial Construction Site

Emergency Services

As a business, we understand that delays are both inevitable and not always an option. We have operators standing by ready to take emergency calls during operational hours and can deploy our team to complete an emergency job within 24 hours to ensure that you get the data you need on underground infrastructure and utility information so you can get back to work where you need to, when you need to.

Our Private Utility Locating Services Include:

Comprehensive Site Mapping & Deliverables

Comprehensive Site Mapping 
& Deliverables

Our utility locators excel at locating ALL utility lines within a specific area and provide you with all the comprehensive information on what was discovered and marked. Unlike 811 services, which only designate public utilities, we locate and verify the location of all utility services within the client provided scope of work, public and private.

Boring & Excavation Clearing

Boring & Excavation Clearing

Often in environmental testing or in construction projects only a specific area needs to be cleared of utilities for drilling, boring, excavation, or trench work. In this situation we can save time and money by detailing the underground utilities within a proximity to the work being performed instead of locating the entire site. Using our equipment and various passive scanning methods we can approve these areas as safe, indicate nearby utilities, indicate the presence of a conflict, and help devise a safe alternative location for unsafe proposed locations. If certain areas can’t be avoided, such as when trenching, then we can provide the most accurate depth and location information on the intersecting utilities.
Specific Utility Investigation

Specific Utility Investigation

Sometimes only one utility, set of utilities, underground system or structure needs to be located for informational purposes. We can easily differentiate these utilities from others and deliver comprehensive underground information using our noninvasive processes in a quick and efficient manner.
Lost Utility or Structure Discovery

Lost Utility or Structure Discovery

Sometimes things get buried or lost and we can find them! Whether buried by man or simply lost by the passage of time, we can find utilities or other large, buried structures. Valves, manholes, septic tanks, bunkers, time capsules, and even graves have all been relocated and cataloged thanks to our assistance.

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Ground penetrating radar is one of our most important tools but in delivering the most thorough possible results we utilize numerous other subsurface technologies and locating techniques at every job site to get the most comprehensive results.

Electromagnetic (EM) Passive Locating

In addition to actively locating utilities, our EM equipment has passive scanning capabilities that can locate 60Hz power frequency as well as a range of other frequencies that emanate from utilities. This method can be used to locate some utilities without being directly hooked onto them. Although this method is less reliable and less accurate than using GPR or EM active locating it helps us locate utilities where there is no above ground connection or indication of a utility presence.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR is a technology that utilizes high frequency radio wave pulses to collect visual data on the subsurface below. We utilize GPR to help us locate and verify utility locations and depths along with our other locating methods, we specialize in using GPR to locate nonconductive utilities and buried structures. Nonconductive utilities and substructures include utilities such as empty plastic conduits, fiber optic cables, plastic gas lines, plastic water lines, concrete or plastic drain lines or buried concrete and wood structures, these types of utilities and structures are very difficult to locate or cannot be located with any locating method besides with GPR.

Concrete Scanning

A concrete scanner is a small GPR specifically tuned to accurately locate utilities and reinforcing within a concrete slab. Although we categorize concrete scanning as a separate service from our utility locating, it is often used in tandem with our utility locating practices when doing a utility investigation inside a building.

Electromagnetic (EM) Active Loading

EM active locating is a method which utilizes specifically tuned radio frequencies to induce and trace any conductive utilities. Utilities such as metal gas lines, gas line trace wires, electrical cables, metal sewer lines, metal water lines, and telephone lines are just a few examples of what can be traced and located using this method.

Video Pipe Inspection

Our push camera and CCTV camera crawler equipment allows us to visually inspect the inside of various size and type of pipes. In doing so the pipe location can also be accurately obtained. This is a separate service from our standard utility locating but it can be utilized in addition to our utility locating service for more comprehensive information on a specific utility.

Duct Rod Tracing & Sound Locating

Along with EM active locating there is duct rod tracing. When there is direct access to a nonconductive and otherwise untraceable pipe we can use a duct rod inserted into the pipe to trace and locate it with EM active locating. This is especially useful for locating empty conduits or conduits with untraceable utilities in them such as fiber optic cables. We have various duct rod size and configuration as well as sound attachments to meet any job requirements.

Ferromagnetic Metal Detection

We utilize multiple metal detector types to find everything from underground storage tanks to small, buried utility valve covers.

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GPR One Call Van
Stephen Roy
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The service Doug and the GPR team provided was beyond expectations. I have a complicated drainage situation and needed to know what was under my lawn. Not only did Doug figure out what was there, he figured out that some pipes extend well beyond my property and into other properties. Soon after the service I was provided a report and map! Would recommend to anyone. Affordable too given the quality!
Philip Harris
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GPR One Call (Troy) came out to our construction site on very short notice, in terrible weather conditions and got the underground locating job done efficiently and accurately.

I highly recommend this company.
Wade C
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Doug did a fantastic job, found everything we had buried. Professional, knowledgeable, polite and quick. Company is really easy to deal with, highly recommended
Ralph Nash
Read More
Gpr One Call is a great company to deal with very professional, friendly & reliable they go above And beyond would highly recommend them.

Types of Utilities Located

At a job site we use a combination of paint markings and flags to indicate the type of utilities located underground. The colors and symbols we use are based on the APWA Uniform Color Code for utilities and adjusted to fit a broader spectrum of utility types than what is referenced in this standard Color Code.

Utility Locating Deliverables

Information is only useful if its conveyed properly, that is why we have a variety of delivery methods to help access the information of all your buried lines and underground infrastructure in a clear, concise way: Before you start digging!

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Our team of professional underground locating technicians provides cost-effective services to both commercial and residential projects in a professional and timely manner. Get a GPR survey today! Most of the work we perform is on a flat fee basis, so you know the cost before we start. For all of your sub-surface utility mark outs, you can count on our underground utility locating company to get the job done right.
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