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Underground Sewer Pipe & Storm Line Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspection is a useful information gathering process that utilizes advanced CCTV camera equipment to inspect the inside of specific utility pipes. Sewer and storm drain lines are most frequently inspected with CCTV video cameras but any type of pipe can be inspected with available access, even large water lines can be inspected if the line is first de-pressurized and made accessible. Video Camera inspecting these utilities is typically conducted to investigate the utility pipe for damages or abnormalities such as: breaks, cracks bellies, blockages, corrosion, other damages and even tree roots. There are no other methods that can locate these internal pipe damages, only the proper video inspecting equipment will be able to collect this type of information. Different camera types are needed for different pipe size and we have all the proper equipment to get any job completed. No matter the pipe size or equipment used; video camera pipe inspection allows us to accurately pinpoint exactly where there are damages or anomalies in a pipe so you can avoid over costly repairs , collect information about the type of damage and proceed accordingly in a timely manner

Locate and visually investigate: Make an informed decision using our industry leading video inspection services. CCTV pipeline assessment can be done with quality video using our push cameras and camera crawler equipment.
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GPR OneCall: Our Process

Sometimes knowing the location of a pipe isn’t enough, and a visual inspection of the pipe is required to investigate for defects, blockages, or bellies. This is especially important when dealing with sewer lines and sewer pipes. The CCTV video camera inspection in the hands of one of our experienced technicians can help discover the exact damage to the structural integrity of a pipe or sewer system.
Video Drain Inspection

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Easily call and schedule with one of our knowledgeable office staff. Are you looking to inspect for damages or simply locate a difficult pipe location? Describe the scope of work and we can decide which tools are best needed for the job and if additional work would be necessary.
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Our highly trained technicians excel at locating, accessing and video inspecting your proposed pipes. We will complete the work precisely and efficiently, making sure to gather as much information as possible on the pipe and other factors outside the scope that may affect result or our work.
Analyzing Subterranean Infrastructure with GPR Mapping

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Quickly receive results on site in the form of utility mark outs and verbal reporting of the work results followed by emailed deliverables in the form of a detailed report, videos of the pipe inspection highlighting important features or damages and field pictures. 
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Ground Penetrating Radar Inspection in Beverage Warehouse
Keep Sewer Lines & Storm Lines Clear

Sewer Video Inspection Tools

We have multiple video inspection tools to accommodate any pipe size or condition. Whether it’s inspecting a short run of a 4-inch diameter sanitary line using our push camera or hundreds of feet in a 3-foot diameter storm line using a camera crawler with an articulate camera head, we have the tools necessary to investigate.

In addition to recorded video footage data deliverables also include accurate pipe location above ground, the exact location of points of interest inside the pipe, pipe depth, diameter, total footage, and pipe junction and turn locations.

Our CCTV video camera inspection service or sewer camera inspection can also be paired with any of our other services to give you the most comprehensive information on all underground systems in the area.

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Our team of professional underground locating technicians provides cost-effective services to both commercial and residential projects in a professional and timely manner. Get a GPR survey today! Most of the work we perform is on a flat fee basis, so you know the cost before we start. For all of your subsurface utility mark outs, you can count on our underground utility locating company to get the job done right.
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