Who We Are

About GPR OneCall

Our company was started just over 10 years ago as a response to a lack of quality and accountability within the underground utility locating industry. Back then our founder, Troy Ennis Sr. noticed that in many instances 811 tickets were rushed and poorly marked and large private utility mark-out companies often employ young and inexperienced locators that result in erroneous private utility mark outs and utility damages. As a response, he started our company, GPR OneCall. Here at GPR OneCall we pride ourselves on our expertise and the quality of our work. We combined all the industry’s best technology with the most experienced locators to provide an undeniably superior service.

Why You Should Employ Our

Utility Locating Company

Utility Locating is not simple, it takes years of training and experience to utilize all the technical tools and methods available to generate the most accurate results possible. Every job is different and cookie cutter methods for locating don’t work, every job requires critical thinking, problem solving and adaptation in unique situations. That is why here at GPR OneCall ore most import tool is not only the locating technology we utilize but it’s also our employees. Our technicians and their experience as locators are the real service that our company provides to you. We have remained a relatively small company over the years in order to stay intimately acquainted with every single one of our employees and the work that they provide as a service for our customers.