Locate and visually investigate: CCTV inspection of the pipe can be done with quality video using our push cameras and camera crawler equipment.

Efficient & Accurate

Video - Visual - Inspection

Sometimes the location of a pipe isn’t enough, and a visual inspection of the pipe is required to investigate for defects, blockages, or bellies. This can be achieved in an efficient and accurate manner with a CCTV video camera inspection by one of our experienced technicians. We have multiple video inspection tools to accommodate any pipe size or condition. Whether it’s inspecting a short run of a 4-inch diameter sanitary line using our push camera or hundreds of feet in a 3-foot diameter storm line using a camera crawler with an articulate camera head, we have the tools necessary to investigate.

In addition to recorded video footage data deliverables also include accurate pipe location above ground, the exact location of points of interest inside the pipe, pipe depth, diameter, total footage, and pipe junction and turn locations.

Our CCTV video camera inspection service can also be paired with any of our other services to give you the most comprehensive information on all underground systems in the area.

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