Accuracy is key when cutting, drilling, or gathering information on concrete structures, that is why we utilize the best concrete scanning GPR technology in the industry and bring you the most accurate information on reinforcing, utilities, pipes, and voids located inside concrete structures. Cut, drill and plan with confidence, optimize operational efficiency, and avoid accidental damages to structures or utilities with GPR OneCall concrete scanning.

Concrete Scan

Noninvasive - Nondestructive

A concrete scanner, as it is simply known, is a handheld GPR unit that is designed and specifically tuned for scanning concrete and is capable of locating the anomalies or structures inside concrete within a high degree of accuracy.

Concrete scanning is a noninvasive, nondestructive process of gathering information on concrete structures.

10 billion tons of concrete are poured every year and within most of those structures are various types of supporting and reinforcing elements as well as in slab utilities, pipes, and sometimes even voids. Whether cutting, drilling, demolishing, or simply gathering information it is crucial to perform a GPR concrete scan when working with concrete structures.

New Techniques

Concrete floors, walls, and ceilings can all be concrete scanned

3d Models and Augmented Reality Videos

Scan - Locate - Generate

Our concrete scanning service can locate and generate detailed information on the slab thickness, rebar, wire mesh, heating elements, utilities, pipes, post-tension cables, precast concrete cells, and potential voids as well as the spacing and depth of what was located. The information is indicated on the ground at the site with markings, documented with pictures and all the information is detailed in a report. 3d models and augmented reality videos of the findings can also be generated for any project when requested prior to beginning work.

Locating and Techniques to get more Information

EM Passive Scanning - Active Locating - More

In addition to a concrete scan of the slab, our concrete scanning service includes the utilization of our other utility locating equipment and techniques to ascertain the most information possible at every job site. This includes EM 60Hz active power sweeps, EM passive radio frequency sweeps, EM direct frequency induction tracing of any nearby accessible utilities, duct rod tracing of any accessible pipes and deep penetration large antenna GPR sweeps. Although some of these techniques are specifically devised and used for locating underground utilities outside, they can sometimes be effective in locating utilities below concrete slab indoors

Locating Void Spaces for Investigation Concrete Scanning

Void - Detection

We can locate voids below concrete slab with our concrete scanning techniques but concrete scanning radar only has the ability to locate where a void space is and very roughly estimate the severity of the void. For more accurate measurements exploratory methods must be taken to drill, video inspect and measure void spaces. We have perfected our own technique to minimize the invasiveness of this procedure using an HD micro endoscope in a very tiny 1/4th inch drill hole which is calked over once the data is collected. In addition to locating the void spaces for investigation concrete scanning and our other investigation methods allow us to avoid any reinforcing elements or utilities when drilling. This process produces a clear visual reference of the void spaces and acute measurements. Accurate void maps can be generated from this data for our clients.

Our entire process and the concrete scanning service provide real-time results and generate the information you need effectively and without disturbing the structures being investigated. Please call or email us today for a quote and to schedule us for a fault locate.

Determine Locations of Key Materials

Before Drilling

Concrete scanning services can help you determine the location of rebar, post tension cables, pipes, and conduits embedded within concrete structures before drilling, cutting, or coring. In addition, our concrete inspection services can help you determine the location of voids, pinpoint deteriorating areas of concrete and perform quality control inspections of newly built or existing concrete structures.