If you can’t see it, we might be able to hear it.

Properly Conducted Investigation

Sonic - Leak - Detection

Sometimes the only way to locate an underground water leak or other underground pressurized system leak is through auditory detection. The sound of water or other liquid shooting out of a pressurized pipe faintly transmits through the ground and can be heard and pinpointed by one of our experienced technicians using sonic amplification equipment.

In order to properly conduct a sonic leak investigation, first the line needs to be located using our EM tracing techniques and GPR, only then can it be properly investigated with sonic leak detection. Additionally, a full utility locate should be performed around the located leak so any other potential utilities in the area are avoided and undamaged when excavating to repair the leak, this is all included in our leak detection service.

Our Investigation

See where steam lines are leaking with infrared leak detection.

Conducting an Exploratory Excavation

Infrared - Leak - Detection

Vapor from a steam leak often travels underground along the line and comes up out of the ground in various areas sometimes very far from the exact location of the actual leak. Visually determining the location of a leak without infrared equipment can be very inaccurate.

Safe time and money by opting for infrared leak detection instead of conducting an exploratory excavation where you think the leak might be.

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